Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monopoly II

RC and I continue our heated game of Monopoly. I have never seen anyone so lucky at rolling dice! I'm trying to consolidate my block over in the 'Free Parking' corner, but she claims she will never, ever, sell me St. James place. We shall see...

...Update! Even though you can see in the picture that she had FOUR houses each on Park Place and Boardwalk at one point, (I cannot describe to you the terror of rounding the "Go To Jail" corner and seeing those eight suburban stand-ins staring at me. Let's just say I was happy if I ended up going to jail.) I was able to prevail! My secret? Monopoly on the red properties. Even with a modest two—and later three —houses on each, she kept landing on those things and eventually had to mortgage everything to keep paying me. I can now finally say that I've won a game of Monopoly. From an 8 year old.

She never did sell me St. James place, though.

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