Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tools of the Ancient Greeks

In my continuing efforts to get us out of the Mycenean Age and finally past 1200 BCE, I read RC the first chapter of Tools of the Ancient Greeks by Kris Bordessa. It's a really neatly put together book with lots of information and hands-on activities. The first chapter covered the Minoans, the Myceneans, the Dark Age, and the beginnings of the Archaic Period, including the first steps toward democracy. So now we're finally dabbling into the 800's!! This has been the longest 400 years EVAR. Did I mention we were supposed to be at the year 0 by the beginning of summer? Did I also mention that Mesopotamia has more history than should reasonably stuffed into any land mass? I mean, they just have history oozing around over there! And did I learn about them in school? No, I learned that Egyptians had a civilization and it ended. And then the Greeks had a civilization and it ended. And then the Romans had another civilization and it ended. And that's all I remember about ancient history, folks. We never even got to study Gilgamesh!


ANYway, it took us a few extra months to get through all those piles of history, and so here we are, just beginning the foray into Greece.

And you know what? Those Mesopotamians are still sitting there, just waiting.
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