Monday, July 18, 2011

Dance Mat Typing

Apple I at the Smithsonian MuseumImage via WikipediaRC really dislikes a lot of writing. Her pencil grip is a bit wonky, and it hurts her hand. I can't force her to write anyway without being hypocritical; I don't write for the same reason. In fact, my whole impetus for getting into computers so early in life was that the old Apple ][ at my school had a word processor, which meant I never had to write out a paper again.

So I figure, if this kid is ever going to get some of these amazing stories she makes up down onto paper, it's going to be electronically. Enter Dance Mat Typing, an online typing tutor for kids from BBC's educational website. And it doesn't hurt that the main 'tutor' is an animated goat that sounds like Ringo Starr.

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