Friday, July 15, 2011


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After watching Snoopy and Lucy play Monopoly on "Snoopy, Come Home", RC decides she wants to play 'real' Monopoly - she claims that Disney Princess Monopoly is "too babyish." I try to hide my simultaneous relief and glee. We pull out the 1935 reproduction game (mmm...wood pieces) I picked up at the thrift store and I tell her she needs to read the rules while I finish up my programming work. She sets up the board and the money (she's the Dealer) and after a while (my bad) we finally get started. The rules are either a *lot* more complicated in the 1935 version than in the version I played in the 70's, or else we had some wussy house rules in my day. Auctions? Mortgages? You have to calculate all the prices? Ah well, so much the better for learning math skills.

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