Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still Life: Enjoy a Feast

Gerret Willemsz Heda   
Still Life with Ham, 1650
(from the NGA Summer Story Series: Discover Dutch Art)

Oy, vey. Remind me again why I thought museum trips with the kids would just be so much fun? I used to imagine us walking in amazement around the marble halls, hand in hand in hand as we allowed the culture to wash over us.

The reality: not so much.

Mostly it's me yelling at one of them to please stop lagging behind and at the other one to please not run off ahead. And it's never the same one. I'm seriously tempted to just link the two of them together so they're at least going the same speed. I'll still lose them, but I'll know they're together.

But for all the hair-pulling frustration of these outings, at some point in the day I see in their faces a few seconds of what I always hoped for: the wonder, the opening of a door in the mind, the unfolding of a new vision.

And then they run off in separate directions and jump in two different ornamental fountains.

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